My passion for exploring British Columbia has fuelled my photography, making it the platform for my work. Extending this into weddings has given me clarity to my approach and craft within it.

Being on the road, meeting so many new people and sharing the outdoors at a time that seems to make people so open and welcome is such a fantastic experience.

Let’s Get Lost  embodies the energy I hope to find throughout the day. To get out of the city, surround yourself with the people and places that matter most and revel in it. My priority is for your day to stay yours, not to become a photo shoot. My hope is not to lead nor simply document from the sidelines, but to be a part of it. To create images that are as intimate as they are candid.

My name is Tristan and I moved away from Vancouver to find a life in places such as Barcelona, Romania and Toronto, only to come home years later and realize an infinite world waiting to be discovered. Photography and British Columbia drive my life and I have been working professionally as a photographer for eight years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with an assistant or shoot alone. if so, why?
I shoot alone! I have found that working with a second shooter can remove you from connecting with everyone and with the day itself. Two photographers also comes across a touch too much like a photo shoot for my tastes. All work I show is shot solely by me.

But are you able to handle large weddings than? I have a guest list of 125+ friends and family.
Many of the days I capture are up to 150 people and it's not a worry at all. I'm not shy, I work fast while always maintaining a low-profile throughout your day.

We're not really into posing for portraits, are your couples posing?
Portraits are a beautiful opportunity for the two of you to get away from the crowds and be alone for the first time in the day. This never takes longer than fifteen minutes and movement is the key. I don't give any direction except to just stay close. We choose somewhere unique and quiet to walk to as the light gets low, you catch up and share, be yourselves, and before you know it we're heading back.

How would you describe your photographic style?
I suppose I would call it an intimate-documentary style. My goal is not to present an outsiders view, but as a friend's.
Aesthetically, I strive for a more timeless look. I tend to shy away from trends, and simply keep an eye out for emotions and good light.

What can we expect to receive?
For a full day, you typically receive 700-900 images. All images are edited / photoshopped, received on a walnut-USB in both full resolution for your printing pleasure as well as web sized for sharing. All photography packages receive a beautiful box with prints so that you have something tangible in your hands, right from the start. 

What are you up to when you're not shooting weddings?
I love nothing more than being on the road with a big cup of coffee and some cameras in the back. Photography consumes a large portion of my daily life and is my catalyst to new experiences. I also share an off-the-grid cabin with friends which will forever be in project mode as we started by making the trail to the site and are currently working framing up second floor.